Nakia White-Hazel, The Growpreneur Coach

*Have you been stuck at your 9-5 out of fear?
*Have you been placing your entrepreneurial dreams on hold?
*Do you feel like you're settling in life?
*Are you constantly thinking about ways to improve your life?
*Do you feel a deep desire to pursue your passion, however lack guidance and a clear road map?
If so, join us to connect, learn, GROW, and build the life that you've always imagined. 

Sometimes as women we tend to be our own worst critics, we tend to down each other and think the worst, even when we know better. Those little voices inside our heads tell us we are not good enough, we will not progress, we will never have what we want. Well, I got tired of those voices! The ones inside my head, the ones voiced by family, “friends”, and strangers. I am tired of being what the world sees as the norm because I was made for so much more and guess what, SO WERE YOU! It doesn’t matter where you come from. Life is all about where you plan to go and the tribe that encourages you to get there. Join us on this journey as we take on self esteem, financial freedom, growth and education! Join us as we grow, make the decision to be more......You GROW GIRRRRLLLLLL.