The Beauty and Beast of Being a Girl Boss

So often when people think of girl bosses they visualize a young lady in a form fitted pencil skirt, flowing blouse or tailored blazer, and the latest heels by Jimmy Choo. She exudes confidence as she enters the room among high powered individuals. Guess what? If that description of her is your reality then you still don’t know her story. You can’t see those bags under her eyes that she hides with layers of make-up. Instead of getting eight hours of sleep last night, she stayed awake well beyond her normal bedtime working to meet a deadline. Only her children and husband see her rubbing her throbbing feet while reading a bedtime story. There must be a trick or some sort of magic to survive wearing heels for more than two hours. More power to you women who manage to do it. She also sets unrealistic goals that sends her into a dark place when she does not meet them.

There is some ugliness involved with being a lady boss, but so much of us get up each day and work at it. Ladies, let me tell you that you can achieve your goals without losing yourself and sanity. Allow my five steps to achieve girl boss goals infographic serve as a guide along your journey. Heck, print it out and post it somewhere to remind you that the finish line is right after the hurdles. There is beauty in it all.


Nakia White-Hazel