5 Ways To Manage Your Time Before It Manages You

1. Turn Off Notifications- The need to check notifications has become a major waster of time nowadays. Thanks a lot social media. Stop the temptation of finding out who likes your photos or posts, when you should be spending your time doing something productive for your family or business.  

2. The Night Before- What can go wrong will go wrong when you're ready to get the day started. Here is a tip to possibly stop you from becoming a victim of Murphy's law. When you're winding down at night, take an hour to get clothes and lunch prepared. You will appreciate having those extra minutes available to silence your alarm and roll over in the morning.   

3. Outsource- If there is anything that you can find someone else to do for you, JUST DO IT. If they offer to do it for you then accept it. Getting help from someone else does not make you lazy. It makes you resourceful. 

4. Power Hour- Give your all to an hour a day of getting things done. Start a load of laundry. Read and respond to emails. Play an audio book while doing these things. This is your hour to go hard.

5. Say No- It is okay declining invitations to events. Choose where you spend your time wisely.Spreading yourself thin impacts your mentality, health, and relationships negatively. Now go ahead and get off of social media and plan what you're going to do during your first power hour.

Nakia White-Hazel