The Time is Now: You're Going to Die

Nothing makes you come to the realization that life is not promised more than having a power of attorney form handed to you while visiting someone in the hospital. Wow, talk about pressure right. The hardest decision I expected to make today involved deciding which leggings I would wear. I went with the wine colored soft ones in case you were wondering.

As I sat there looking at those papers I swear to you, I saw my own life play before my eyes. I saw my elementary school award ceremonies, grandparents smiling, meeting my husband, and giving birth. Why didn’t I have any images of me taking chances and failing? I realized that I took the safe route in life. I went to some of the best colleges, got the degrees, student loans, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. I followed the path that so many of us were told to take.

I am happy to report that as of 2019 I decided to take a chance on myself. Yes, I still go hard in my career because the youth need great educators and I love them, but I have decided to go full steam ahead with my passion to help women become stronger mentally, emotionally, and financially. They deserve to see that the time is now to pursue their passion. What will the dash between the date you were born and die represent? Will it be a space filler or a symbol of a person who lived their life to the absolute fullest? The time is now to make SHIFT happen. Enjoy my ten steps to help you pursue your passion before your dreams dry up like raisins in the sun. Now, where did I place those other leggings?

Nakia White-Hazel