Kiss Doubt Goodbye

Today’s post is brought to you by that feeling of uncertainty that places a knot in the back of your throat. It is the little voice that we often listen to right before we try something new. Say hello to self-doubt. Oh, don’t act like you two have not met. My relationship with self-doubt is kind of like that blind date you tried to forget about, but you ran into each other on the feminine product aisle in Walmart. Sucks, right?

On countless occasions I witnessed teenagers say that they would fail a test before they even saw it. They didn’t want to experience the disappointment of not passing the test. They didn’t want to be the recipient of jokes. Self-doubt is a self-defense mechanism.

Now let us fast forward ten or fifteen years. Guess what? Those kids grew up. I believe you saw one of them this morning when you looked in the mirror. It is so easy to doubt ourselves because we’ve been doing it for years. Well, it is time for a change.

Let’s call self-doubt what it is and stop giving it so much control over our lives. Outside of our comfort zone is the fear zone. There you will find excuses, low self-esteem, and over analyses of others’ opinions lurking about. The fear zone evokes an awful feeling. It is like the troll under the bridge that you must cross to reach growth. I want you to ask yourself, What is the worst thing that can happen if I go for it? The worst thing that can happen is not giving yourself the opportunity to try. Are you ready to kick self-doubt to the curb? Ready..Set..GROW!!!

Nakia White-Hazel